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- dedicated to the hunting 35s.

Hunting demands that a "enough" gun be used to dispatch a big game animal humanely. The 35s find a secure place in the list of great big game calibre options. I have enjoyed for years shooting and handloading the 35 Whelen, and also both the 358 and 356 Winchester and, more recently, the 350 Remington Magnum, the 35 Whelen Improved, the 350WSM and the 35 Remington. Living in Ontario, Canada, I have actively hunted bears with 35s for several decades. This in itself does not make me any expert of course. Yet I know for myself how hunting capable these 35s are.

- My 35s.

There many good 35 calibre chamberings that I have not yet acquired to test myself. These include among others, the 358 Norma Magnum and the 35 Winchester and wildcats like the 358 Hawk/Scovil. Maybe one day that may change. But for now here is a list of the 35s I do have. I have been collecting them for many years and like them all

I now have five standard chamber 35 Whelen rifles - two of them are bolt actions, two are factory carbine pumps (rare special order) and one is a M750 Semi Carbine.

One bolt gun is a factory Remington 700 Classic with a 22" tube. It has a magnum length magazine (as do all 700 long actions) and happily a long throat also - so I can really seat those heavy weight bullets way out.

Corelite Black Phantom and Mossy Oak The other bolt gun I built myself (with my gunsmith doing the critical metal work) in the 80s beginning with a 1908 Brazilian Mauser action. It was my first 35 Whelen and it wears a heavy contour 20" Shilen 1 in 14" twist barrel. This weekend (April 9/05) I swapped out it's handcarved and checkered (by me) Fajen walnut stock for a composite Corelite one in the phantom black (see pic to the right above along with mossy oak version too). This stock is pure utility - low cost, lighter than the walnut [correction - I thought so but actually 2 ozs. heavier], weatherproof and hopefully durable too. It is certainly not the most handsome lines ever (see pic of actual gun on my "loading" page). But it seems to shoot OK and I like it - I think.

Remington Model 7600 carbine pump in 35 Whelen

I own two very nice"Pennsylvania semi-autos" (or "Amish machine guns" if you prefer) - Remington model 7600 pump carbines in 35 Whelen with a 18 1/2" tube (rifle version in picture above). Click here for some initial loads for this.

Also I shoot a 35 Whelen Ackley Improved (40 degree) built around a Mauser 98 bolt action VZ 24 action. It has a 24" barrel. More specs on it and a pic of it on my loading page.

My 356 Winchester is a factory Marlin lever action model 336ER. You can see pictures of it and a few more details of it on my "photos" and "loading" pages.

Recently I traded for a little 350 Remington magnum model 660 made in the 1960s.

It's quite rare and weighs 6 1/2 lbs. sans scope. I have been informed that when Remington first advertised this rifle (or possibly it's first born near twin - the model 600) the ad copy refered to it as "6 1/2 lbs. of bolt action fury". I have not found its recoil with heavy loads as onerous as the press reports have generally indicated - even without a scope. Quite a few grizz guides in Canada's Northwest and Alaska favoured it for ease of carry and its ability to sort out brown bear difficulties with some authority. My gunsmith bronze bedded mine so as to withstand the heavy recoil of my top loads and also extreme Arctic climates (I have an invitation to hunt the Barrens in the North West Territories with a friend there).

generic M600 pic

New to me January 2006 is a M600 "Maggie". Mine has the laminated stock and thick recoil pad - thankfully! See an actual pic of my rifle on my loading page and also details of a first test load spitting 250RNs at 2480MV - lotsa snuff for such a little package!

I have now also a Ruger stainless bolt rifle - model KM77RFP - in 350 Rem Mag! But now it has been rechambered to 350WSM (35 Sambar). See link in the left column and my loading page for more details.

- 2005 in review

This past year I acquired a few more 35s to add to my collection. Also in 2005 I was pleased overall with my results using Winchester LR magnum primers instead of their regular Large Rifle ones. I will probably continue using them.

- In 2006

I may be building a custom muzzleloading double rifle this year. It would be nice since I plan to hunt deer this coming fall again in a muzzleloaders only season (a first for me in 2005 and I shot a deer)). It will not be a 35 cal of course but probably a .50 cal.

Other thoughts and project ideas for 2006 coming here soon - I think (???). Coming will be more 35 cal loading experimental loading results also as always I hope. Maybe I'll try some other performance powders like Win 748.

- 2006 in review

Well my double rifle plan fizzled. That project's on the back burner - probably permanently but who can say for sure. I got myself a 50cal Knight Wolverine instead - hohum. But I did begin building my Ruger77/350WSM in fall/06 and completed it in early 07. I REALLY like intitial test results (see link to the left). I guess I'll be loading for it in 2007. I'm hoping to take some game with it this fall.

I hope that you find my site to be informative and interesting. On the left you'll find a variety of topics.

Don't "miss" meals,

<>< Whelen B. <><

(disclaimer) My load notes and development data is not warranted safe in your rifle just because it was in my rifle(s). Therefore, what I present of my own load development experiments - my results and thoughts - is for educational comparative purposes only. Hence I use the term "load notes" and not "load data" in the sense of load "recipes" per se. Also any and all other reloading data presented here - or any and all reloading data linked from my site - must be treated cautiously. Consult several reputable reloading manuals for starting loads and then use normal, safe reloading practices to work up to maximum loads carefully and safely! I accept no responsibility for your safety.

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