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Canadian Gun Dealers/Gunsmiths
Ellwood Epps Sporting Goods - Orillia, Ont. retailer - online used gun list
The Shooter's Den - Sudbury, ON. retailer - seller of new/used reloading equipment and shooting supplies
Phone only - 1-705-522-2772
Wholesale Sports Online-mail order with decent prices and selection
Williams Arms - Port Perry, ON. retailer - online inventory list
Gobles Gun And Tackle - London, ON retailer posts its monthly "Access To Firearms" ad and also online list of used guns from their two stores (organized by calibre then brand)
The Shooter's Choice - Waterloo, Ont. retailer - online used gun list
Gagnon Sports - Oshawa, ON. retailer - online used gun list
Accuracy Plus - Peterborough, ON. retailer - online used gun list
Russel Sports Store - online catalog (PDFs) with store in Calgary, AB
S.I.R. Mail Order & Sports Store - online outfitter with store in Winnipeg, Manitoba
Bits Of Pieces - Vancouver BC gunsmith/retailer of Montana actions and Accurate Innovations stocks
Reliable Gun And Tackle - Vancouver BC retailer - with online shopping list of used and new guns
Corlane Sporting Goods - Dawson Creek, BC retailer - custom mountain rifles series for sale, Canadian Woodleigh bullets distributor (310 grain - .358")
Phoenix Range - Edmonton, AB retailer with range - see their "products" link for listings of their new/used inventory for sale
D. Henry Gun Makers - Bentley, AB - checkout listings of their new/used inventory "For Sale" link - lots of parts including used stocks
Londero Sports - Canadian Quebec Retailer with online "used rifles and shotguns" link on their homepage
P and D Enterprises ALberta retail - online gun inventory updated each week (Tuesday)
Bashaw Sports - Central ALberta retailer/gunsmithing - online inventory specials with "specials" and "used/new rack"
The Shootist - ALberta retailer - new and used guns - online inventory
National Firearms Association - "Canada's Most Effective Firearm Organization" they say. (Canadian links)
Firearms Canada- Canadian Links Site with country wide dealers list
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Canadian Firearms Buy/Sell Web Pages
The Supershopper - Barrie, ON Buy/Sell paper - these free listings online a week behind paid subscribers
Buy/SellEdmonton buy/sell guns list - has cross links to other Western Canada Buy/Sell papers
Hunt/Shoot ClassifiedsWestern Canada forum buy/sell/swap too
Hunt Ontario ClassifiedsOntario Forum buy/sell/swap
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Related 35 Caliber Online Articles, and Load Data Web Pages
Paco Kelly's Favorite Cast Loads- including 35 Whelen and 350 Rem. recipes with Lyman's 280/290 grain cast bullet.- 356 Win. cast bullet loading savvy
Reload Bench35 Whelen and other cartridge History/Info
African Hunter Online- Read adventures from where 40 Celsius makes the powder burn hotter!
Shortmags.org forum- discussion thread re. a 350 WSM wildcat
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Related Page Links
Accurate Reloading- idea here to "share what we have learned from hunting, reloading, gunsmithing and any other shooting related ideas." Has reloading data tables but only one 35 represented - 350 Rem.
Handloading for Hunting
The Reload Bulletin Board
Steve's Firearms Page
303 British page303 British Page-with Ontario Canada Gun Shops List too
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Load Data Pages
Alliant Powder Data
IMR Data
Hodgdon Data
Accurate Powder Data
Beartooth Bullet's loadswap.com (click "yes I agree" then "view rifle data")- essentially homespun data - caution advised
Centerfire Central - homespun data - caution advised
Steve's Reloading Data Page - homespun data - caution advised. Great user interface - easy to use
Reloaders Nest - homespun data - caution advised
Accurate Reloading - homespun data - caution advised
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Reloading Equipment / Gunsmith Parts
Clymer Tools
Dillon Precision Products Inc.
Forster Precision Products
Hornady Home Page
Load From A Disk for Windows
Lee Precision
Lyman Products
MEC-Mayville Engineering Co
Midsouth Shooters Supply
Midway USA
Redding Reloading
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Higginson Powders - Hawkesbury ON. - bulk powder/reloading components
Accurate Arms Home Page
Accurate Powder
Alliant Powder
Hodgdon Powder Co., Inc.
IMR Smokeless Powders
Norma- click on "English" first, then their "Loading Tables" (no 35s listed but do have 9.3 x 62 data which is close cousin to 35 Whelen). Fun ballistics/trajectories page!
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Bullets & Brass
M.T. Chambers' Supply - Canadian quality custom lead pistol and rifle bullets with online catalog (including a .359" 250gr. FNGC)
The Bullet Barn - Canadian maker of cast lead pistol and rifle bullets (including an interesting 35 cal 205 grain FNGC
Cannon's Custom Cast Bullets- Ontario, Canada - family run business - seem to be lacking .35 rifle selection
Beartooth Bullets-premium cast LBT design bullets - including .35 rifle selection!
Barnes Bullets Inc.
Berger Bullets LTD.
Black Hills Ammunition
Dakota Arms
Federal Ammunition
Hawk Bullets - a notable selection of "35" rifle bullets in their line
Hornady Home Page
Impact Bullets
Loadswap.com- over 1700 LOAD RECIPES from Beartooth Bullets
National Bullet Company
Nosler Home Page
Oregon Trail-Laser Cast Bullets
Sierra Bullets
Speer Bullets
Starline Brass
Turngray Associates Inc. (brass)
Western Bullet Company
Winchester Ammunition
Z-Hat Custom, Gunsmith - home of great 358 Hawk/Scovill wildcat (I'd love one someday) & Z-Hat Custom Reloading Dies.
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Sporting Firearms Manufacturers
Arnold Arms
Beretta Home Page
Browning Introduction
Gun Parts Corp (formerly Numrich Arms)
Ithaca Gun
Magnum Research
Marlin Firearms--Home Page
Official Ruger Web Site
Savage Arms Home Page
Springfield Armory
Taurus International
Thompson Center Arms
Weatherby Home Page
Winchester Arms
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Scopes and Sights
Bushnell Sport Optics
Leupold's Home Page
Millet Sights
Simmons Optics
Unertl Scopes (personal page of used scopes)
Weaver Optics
Weaver Scope Mounts
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Other Related Links
Cabela's 1-800-237-4444
Cheaper Than Dirt
Firearm Engraving by David Wade Harris
Gardall Safe Corporation
GunHoo: GunPages Central
Gun Owners of America
Guns, Firearms & Ammunition
High Desert Rifles
Mag-na-port International
MP-7 Cleaner
MTM Case-Gard Home Page
NRA Home Page
Oehler Research
Outers Gun Care
Pachmayr, Ltd.
SAAMI (Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers Institute)
Shooters' Online Services Inc.
Shooter Solutions
Silhouette Ballistics Version 9.0
Silhouette Shooting In Michigan
Timney Triggers
Uncle Mikes Products
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Other Associations and Organizations
The Christian Hunter- Baptist pastor in Memphis hosts this web site to aid hunters to connect with good outfitters and guides etc.
The Christian Deer Hunters Association- encouraging a Biblical World View approach to deer hunting.
National Reloading Manufacturers Association- an organization of companies that manufacture reloading equipment, components and accessories. The NRMA is dedicated to helping interested shooters begin reloading and providing helpful literature to reloaders.
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