Handloads allow 35 Whelen
rifle to really reach out!!!

Using an online ballistics calculator, here are my calculation results of inputing a 250 grain .358" Speer bullet (.446 bal. coef) at 2600fps muzzle velocity. With a 5" kill (10" diameter circle)the point blank range outputed is 314 yards! Check out the horsepower at that distance! The 35 whelen, when properly fed, is not a merely short to medium range tool - especially good news for moose and elk hunters.

Point Blank Range Output Calculations

My Input Data

Muzzle Velocity: 2600.0 ft/sec
Bullet Weight: 250 grains
Ballistic Coefficient: 0.446
Drag Function: G1
Sight Height: 1.500 inches
Vital Zone Radius: 5.000 inches
Temperature: 59.6 F
Barometric Pressure: 29.92 in Hg
Relative Humidity: 0.0 %
Altitude: 0 feet
Air Density: 100 % of Sea Level

The Results - Calculated Output Data

Maximum Point Blank Range: 314 yards
Maximum Point Blank Range Zero: 266 yards
Muzzle Energy: 3752.4 ft-lbs
Energy at Maximum Point Blank Range: 2235.5 ft-lbs

Try these online ballistics tools yourself;

1. JBM Small Arms Ballistics- online calculations for ballistic coefficient calculation, bullet drag, trajectories, maximum point blank range, maximum range and sunrise/sunset. This is the program I used to arrive at the example given above.

2. Big Game Info's useful online
Recoil Calculator- ouch - does that thing kill at both ends?

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