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(DISCLAIMER) My load notes and development data is not warranted safe in your rifle just because it was in my rifle(s). Therefore, what I present of my own load development experiments - my results and thoughts - is for educational comparative purposes only. Hence I use the term "load notes" and not "load data" in the sense of load "recipes" per se. Also any and all other reloading data presented here - or any and all reloading data linked from my site - must be treated cautiously. Consult several reputable reloading manuals for starting loads and then use normal, safe reloading practices to work up to maximum loads carefully and safely! I accept no responsibility for your safety.

350 Remington Magnum
REMINGTON Model Seven "KS Custom"
(no scope at present)
Factory 20" barrel with a 1 in 16 twist

my Remington Model Seven
- read disclaimer above carefully
Loads here not "recommended" to others for use

Velocities given are uncorrected instrumental readings - 12 feet from muzzle

This rifle was made by the Remington Custom shop in 1990. It is very light at 5 3/4 lbs. unloaded with iron sights only. It has a long throat.

59.5 ReL15

250 HornadyRN
COAL - 2.810"
- COAL 3.215" is just kissing the lands

2481 (fouling)

A good iron sights load
NOTE - pressures are getting near max (ejector imprints and gauling)

56grs. IMR3031
heavily compressed
- about all I can easily get in without drop tube

200 Barnes TSX
max COAL - 2.825
(3.060 COAL is just touching lands)
Barnes recommends .050" jump to lands for accuracy

2665 fps

feeds OK in this rifle?
55/IMR3031 - 2675 (fouling)
55.5/IMR3031 - 2650


220 SpeerFN
COAL - 2.820"
- COAL 3.000" is just kissing the lands


NOTE - This bullet may (?) be about perfect in this rifle

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